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Disable email features in cPanel for remote domains

CJ shared this idea 8 years ago
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If email for a domain is handled remotely the email features of their cPanel still work allowing the client to setup email accounts, etc and leads to confusion when they don't work (because their MX records will be set elsewhere).

I suggest disabling the email features such as creating new email accounts if the domain in question is in /etc/remotedomains as this will mean the domains email will not be handled on that server.


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When you transfer an existing account from another supplier you would generaly ask the customer to create all existing accounts before changing the DNS records to point to the server. You would have the account set to distant, and change it back to local just before changing the DNS.

Also when using an external gateway that some customers might but from another supplier for antispam reasons for example, then you wouldn't want to disable e-mails features.

This sound very complicated to put in place without breaking normal usage.


I take your point and have seen both of the situations you mention. However, I have seen far more scenarios where a client has email handled remotely and tries to setup a new account or forwarder in their cPanel and wonders why they don't work. Some way of disabling these for domains that don't have email handled by that server is required in my opinion.


In which case what about a warning message instead of actually preventing usage of e-mail. And maybe only when its specificaly set to distant



La opción de advertir al usuario sobre la creación de correos cuando el MX es remoto me parece más razonable. Quizas algo como "estas casillas podran enviar pero no recibir correos".

En algunos casos puede ser necesario crear casillas de correo locales aunque el MX es remoto, estas casillas seran sólo para el envio de correos., (podria ser para enviar correo desde un formulario de contacto o sistema instalado en el sitio web)

English, "Google Translate English" :)

The option to warn the user about creating post when the MX is remote it seems more reasonable. Maybe something like "these boxes may send but not receive emails".

In some cases it may be necessary to create local mail boxes though the MX is remote, these boxes will be for sending emails only. (Could be to send mail from a contact form or system installed on the website)

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