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Disable Plus Addressing Globally from WHM

cPanelTabby shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the ability to enable or disable plus addressing because some users may not wish to have their email be able to automatically generate new folders, due to space concerns, for example.


Additional context provided by Metro2:

While the automatic Plus Addressing is good to have as an option to offer hosting customers, for some us and our specific type of clientele, the automatic creation of separate subaddress folders will mostly just become a waste of iNodes and cause us extra work as admins.

Without getting into all of the details and other reasons:

I simply wish to have the ability to disable it globally right from WHM (but still have the feature available) and just let my users know that they can enable it in their cPanel if they wish.

As an admin running a small shared hosting service, I would like the ability to disable plus addressing from within WHM because - in addition to the fact that some users may not wish to have automatically generated folders, it is also a concern for hosting admins and support because there will be users who over-use the feature if it's automatic, which will result in wasted disk space / excess iNodes (precious to a small host's budget), all of which will result in extra support tickets from users who will either eventually submit a ticket asking how to make the excess folders go away and of course users who end up creating hundreds of plus addresses due to the ease & novelty of it. This is a feature that would be better left to allowing users to manually enable it in their cPanel because the users know enough to actually use their cPanel will choose wisely / conservatively, whereas the users who don't even remember how to log in to their cPanel are the ones who will use any automatic feature that comes along, only to end up submitting support tickets asking how to control it. Also, there are users who have email filters set up in such a way that if new folders were automatically generated, it could potentially cause them to have to re-work a lot of their current filter settings, not to mention that there are spammers who take advantage of the for their own nefarious tracking purposes.

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- option to disable Plus Addressing globally, for all accounts and emails

- option do set the default behavior for a new email when creating it: disabled or enabled (default is always enabled)

In my experience, enabled by default is confusing for POP3-only users. Messages will never arrive and users will only see them in webmail. I have some servers with 143 and 993 TCP ports blocked, due to small and cheap plans with no IMAP access.

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