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Disconnection between "Wordpress Manager" and "Site Software"

Rubyrack Limited shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a cPanel User, I would like better workflow between Wordpress Manager and Site Software so that it is easier to get back into Wordpress Manager after using Site Software to complete the installation and provide more robust management options in Wordpress Manager.


There is a disconnection in workflow between "Wordpress Manager" and "Site Software"

When you create a Wordpress instance using "Wordpress Manager" it took you to "Site Software" but after completing installation, you dont get an option to come back to Wordpress Manager to manage

Manage tab in Site software is not useful as it only provide web site url, there isn't any management options available there, if against those URL, manage option is added which took user back to "Wordpress Manager" that would be very useful

Another option missing in "Wordpress Manager" backup section, their is no option to automate backups e.g daily or weekly, if that could also be added than it will also be very helpful.

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