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Disk Usage tool - sort by inode count

Ovidiu R shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a System Administrator I would like the Disk Usage tool to be improved by the "sort by inode count" feature for the benefit of cPanel users, System Administrators, and web-hosting providers.

  • cPanel users benefits: audit folders with high inode usage counts, especially on shared hosting environment, where the web hosting provider is enforcing limits (via LVE)
  • System Administrator benefits: visual tool to audit performance or abuse issues
  • web hosting provider benefits: could increase the transparency of the package limitations, by allowing the end user to do the audit at any given time, mostly because the Disk Usage tool already exists
  • server owner benefits: will eliminate the redundant I/O overcharge, because the file system scan will be done only once. - example of equivalent TUI shell tools: ncdu


Currently the Disk Usage tool have the possibility to sort the results by name or by disk usage.

While clicking on the Disk Usage tool, it is performing a directory scan anyways, so it won't add extra I/O performance to count the inodes / folder in the same time.

Request: please add another column to the results, and do "sort by inodes count" radio button.

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