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Display Filter Rules Instead of Names

rbroberts shared this idea 10 years ago
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Having just finished converting a *lot* of rules from procmail to cpanel, I would really have liked to have the ability to see the rules, not the names. I often found there were multiple rules that need to come in a specific order to properly file messages. Seeing the name doesn't always capture what the rule is doing. As an example of what I really like, look at usermin and how it displays procmail rules. I just leaves them hanging out there to see.

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Plus, when you create a new rule, you have to enter a name, instead of having the name be the same as the rule, as it was a couple of versions ago. Would like to go back to that.


When you have a lot of filters, the problem of managing them is not being able to see the actions of all the filters at a glance. If you page through them on line slowly one by one, by the time you get to #25, you have forgotten what filter #3 actually does.

So for example, with these filters:

Filter A: From contains "Fred" - discard


Filter K: From contains "Bill" - discard


Filter W: From contains "Mary" - or - From contains "Fred" - discard

If I could list all the filters as above, I would immediately see that Filter A is redundant, because Filter W already performs the same action. Then I would either delete Filter A or modify Filter W

When you have 30+ filters, you can't see all the actions at a glance, so getting rid of duplicates and spotting other mistakes is more or less impossible.

My suggestion is to produce a listing of all filters with their actions to help with maintenance of the global filters.

This could either be displayed on screen or a downloadable file, or both.

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