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DKIM - Enforce signature check according to domain policy

Manuel Sousa shared this idea 11 years ago
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Since 11.32 CPANEL checks

DKIM but only if a message is signed.

Would like it to check the

DKIM policy of a domain and, if the DNS says that all messages should be signed

and the mail isn't signed, then the message should be discarded by dkim


Example for the following



7200 IN

TXT "o=-"


7200 IN TXT "v=DKIM1\; p=..."

If a message is received

without valid DKIM signature then the message should be discarded.

Our main reason for this

need is to prevent received mails with forged from addresses (local to cpanel)

for which i read there might be an update in 11.34.1

" There currently is

not functionality to do this. You might be able to put something together,

however it wouldn't be reliable until 11.34.1 ships with the nobody user

detection system " (cpanelnick)

The added benefict of this

solution is that it will also protect against some phishing attacks from email

addresses that implemente a DKIM policy.


Manuel Sousa

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