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DNS Templates per Package

nibb shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator or web hosting provider I would like to be able to define the DNS template to be used by account package, so that any new account or upgrade/downgrade would be adjusted to the new DNSZone Template without requiring me to make manual changes after the fact.


I have read more than one person asking this before not only in the cPanel forums but also on other places if this was possible. cPanel hasDNS zone templates but there is no way to use them with accounts or packages in an automated fashion.

The WHM packages should have an option to let you choose which DNS zone template you want to use on the account creation. This would allow you to set specific DNS settings for that account on creation or when upgraded/downgraded to that package.

Examples are DNS settings where the site points to a specificIP (firewall, load balancer, other), or where the MX is set to a remote server(external mail service). The limits are endless here, you could set different packages with different with different DNS templates, and then set in those templates the custom settings for those packages. I’m a bit surprised cPanel has DNS templates, but no way to use them on packages unless you modify the settings manually. I know there is an API but this is not the same thing. Some people may want to have specific DNS settings on account creation or upgrades.

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This is a HUGE need right now especially if you want a multi-server environment (mail, MySQL, or additional servers). When an account is created, the package has a template record chooser where you can select it from the WHM Edit Zone Templates. This would be a good start OR have it so that you can edit DNS zone entries in the package instead of a system template (even better).

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