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Richard Anthony Secor shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator and Web Hosting Provider I would like to request that DNSSEC be made available to Bind in addition to PowerDNS so that we have more options available.


As a longtime administrator for servers hosting domains in many different environments and industries I will not change from Bind to a different DNS application until there appears to be enough to support such a change.

As such I am requesting that DNSSEC be made available for Bind.

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BIND is considered the most widely used DNS software on the Internet.

BIND supports DNSSEC.

cPanel/WHM supports DNSSEC.

However, cPanel/WHM does not support DNSSEC with BIND.


I've been using BIND for my WHM DNS Clusters for many years, longer than I can remember, and have no intention of taking any chances on switching and upsetting the applecart, but definitely need DNSSEC. Will cPanel please make the forthcoming DNSSEC on Clustering feature also work with bind?


Support for this is now at stage where it becomes critial for our business as any registrars of .DK domains are now required by law to provide DNSSEC.

As others have already mentioned, a larger DNS setup already exists using BIND and lack of DNSSEC support in BIND for cPanel is now effectively cutting of our ability to host DNS for .DK domains.

The announcment/executive order for danish law, can be found here:

It is unfortunately not available in English at the moment, but the deadline for implementation of DNSSEC is by the end of 2020


Just curious - what kind of features in BIND are you missing in PowerDNS?


I stumbled across this link below

How To Setup DNSSEC on an Authoritative BIND DNS Server

So there should be away to do this in cPanel at least.


When this feature will be available ?

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