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Double check downloaded updates are complete before applying them to the server

Martin eaps shared this idea 18 months ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like a mechanism to check the integrity of a downloadable update (such as a cPanel & WHM update) so that an incomplete update/download isn’t installed, causing issues.


The Problem:

I have recently suffered a ticket-issue whereby an automatic update was downloaded by the WHM auto-update system and then applied to the server.

The download failed (unknown exactly why but it was "yum- incomplete transaction") but the update was still applied by the system. This crashed the server and caused a host of secondary problems.

The Solution:

Solution 1:

Therefore, I was surprised to learn from CPanel Support that once a download element is collected on the local server, it is not verified that the download file is complete, such as using an MD5 filesize comparison check to ensure there are no missing "pieces" before trying to install/use the update.

Solution 2:

Or if not possible, the WHM server should check that the yum transaction completed successfully before trying to use the collected file/resource/update.

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