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EA4 - Option to automatically add new PHP versions as they are released

Greg shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a sysadmin and cPanel user, it would be very beneficial to have a configurable option in EA4 or somewhere in WHM's Software section to automatically add and provision newer PHP versions to the currently active EA4 profile as they are released (during nightly updates as an example) and to automatically install the extensions from the previous version that are still available for the new one.


In order to prevent auto update breakages etc, the system default would remain on the same PHP version it was already on (so that accounts set to "inherit" will not be changed at this point) and all cPanel users would stay on their current version, the only difference is that the system would automatically install and configure the newer version as and when cPanel release it which then allows either admins or users to then test and update their domains at their leisure. Without the user having to wait on the admin installing and configuring it, This would use the recent update from cPanel where the system auto detects the extensions from other PHP versions and would just auto install that list too.

Most admins (to my knowledge) don't really change the installed extensions that often once they have what they need set up the exception to this being when extensions are added or removed in EA4, but for the most part the majority of them are persistent across versions, there is not much need these days to manually install say PHP 7.4 when it releases

This means that if an admin enables the option users will get the latest stable version of PHP as soon as its released by cPanel

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...and also please copy any customizations of the base php.ini of the previous latest PHP version to the newest.So for PHP 7.4 please use the PHP 7.3 template. This can be achieved by comparing the settings of the current one with the base template settings and then carrying forward these changes to the new version. Right now that has to be done manually too.


Thanks mark I forgot about that! Also the PHP-FPM customisations should be carried forward too. So that when someone does decide to use the new version of PHP everything should be ready (for testing)

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