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Each cPanel user has password protected backup space on remote server

postcd shared this idea 6 years ago
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Rephrased request:

As a shared web hosting provider I would like the option to have cPanel & WHM create and maintain FTP or SSH users on a remote system that correlate to a cPanel user on the local system, and upload backups to the remote server as they are created for each of those users, allowing my users direct access to their account backups even on a remote destination, without the need of access to the cPanel & WHM server on which their account is hosted.

Original request:

I would like to offer me and my clients peace of mind by having their Cpanel backups accessible on external dedicated server. In case main hosting server is dead/down, they know where to login and download their latest account full backup. Might be good if backup account has same login credentials. So i just provide main hosting server URL and backup server URL to the client. and they know login data. cPanel Backup feature would then save backups data directly to the remote server saving primary server disk IO. I prefer remote (backup) server to run only open source software (like ftp server,ssh or such) so there is no need to run cPanel on backup external server.

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Currently FTP backup destinations are without SSL/TLS transport encryption.

To allow users to add a symmetric encryption (plain password) or asymmetric encryption (public key like gnupg, pgp) to the backup itself would be essential if a lot of backups are placed on remote servers.

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