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Easy Way to See Who's Online

Jason Hayes shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like a simple way to see which users are logged into my server and which account they’re using, or the last activity so that I have better visibility of active users.


I'd like there to be a simple way to see who's logged onto my server. I put my server in maintenance mode after letting everyone know that we're going to be down for a period of time; but I never really know for sure.

I'd like a way to see who's on the server(maybe even with a map). Also, it could have information about the account they're working with, last active (say they're just logged in but not doing anything), etc.

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Howdy Jason,

While I can think of a few reasons to know what cPanel users have active sessions on the server, is there a specific problem you're running into during maintenance that other users being online causes a risk for you?

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer


No. I'd like to see if anybody is on the server so I know for sure before a reboot. I could also see if the person is getting the notifications about server maintenance. Why are only three people on the server before a scheduled maintenance every month would be useful information.

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