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Easy way to update a PTR record (reverse DNS)

Jens Kirk shared this idea 3 years ago
Not Planned

As a WHM Administrator, I would like a GUI added to WHM for changing PTR records so that it is simpler to use than the current system.


As a server administrator for dedicated servers, it will be much more easy for me to change the PTR records in a nicely created GUI.

I have read this KB but it is not easy to follow:

I have seen this done in other DNS systems where it took me like 2 sec to update but in the WHM it is a bit complex.

Can the WHM get this feature in the future?

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Thank you for the information on this. I know we've wanted to improve our Mail Deliverability offerings in WHM especially by expanding the Email Deliverability interface to include all domains that a WHM administrator controls. It's not on our current roadmap, but I'd like to see this addressed in the near future. When we have more information, we will come back and update this Feature Request.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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