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Easyapache Support for beta pecl e.g. apcu

Trevor Nelmes shared this idea 7 years ago
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As I for the xxxth time had to rebuild a server with EasyApache with PHP5.5 and Zend Opcache enabled, and again had to manually pecl install apcu (it has two options which need a yes then no answer on install, wouldn't it be great to have a new section where we can optionally request beta pecl install for modules. I know that the real solution would be for apcu to move to release but I can still see bugs being reported on github.

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Think APCu is really something that should be supported, as it allows users to easily migrate to PHP5.5+.

It is really stable now, and even will release new features with the PHP7 release.


We also support this, it has meany benefits and performance improvments for meany scripts.

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