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Email Archiving per mailbox

maquinadigital shared this idea 10 years ago
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I was quite dissappointed with the long waited "Email Archiving" feature.

After implemented a custom solution for that, I always want to use supported features and I wanted to use Email Archiving but I was quite surprissed to see that the archiving is for the entire domain.

If I want to restore the emails (in and outgoing), to an Imap box for a certain mailbox that lost the laptop or something like that, how can I do that? Going to the backup, I now, but only if the user has IMAP.

If they don't have IMAP, the outgoing emails are not available at the backups and I don't have any chance to retrieve those emails, from a specific mailbox.

So, I would really think it would be great if the archiving was done by mailbox and not by domain (or both, of course).

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Why archive?


Why not?

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