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Email confirmation for remote backup transfers as well as the email after the local backups are made

Blicka shared this idea 9 years ago
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Currently, when making remote backups in the new backup system the confirmation email is sent as soon as the local backup folder has been populated but before the backups have finished sending to any remote server.

This does not confirm that the remote server has correctly recieved the tar files. Nor does it confim whether the transmission of the backup tar files to the remote server has failed.

We are suggesting now that there is an option to have the backup confirmation email wait until the system verifies whether the whole remote transmission of the tar files is complete, or incomplete.

For example the email could confirm that all the tar files made it to the remote destination or it could let the admisitrator know if the transmission process was incomplete and therefore which tar files remain unsent on the local server.

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To me, it sounds like there should be an additional alert here versus a replacement/modification of the existing alert. I can see value in both alerts on local and remote success, letting you know of potential faults/successes early rather than later.

What is everyone's thoughts on this?


cPanelBrianO is making a good comment here.

Maybe the system could send the current email when the local backups are finished.

Then a 2nd email to alert that all the tar files have made it to the remote destination or a 2nd email to alert that the remote destination has failed ( and probably been disabled)

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