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Email filter action "Mark as Read"

Travis Ellis shared this idea 7 years ago
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I use email filtering a lot and strive for zero inbox. I filter auto generated emails to a folder but it still shows up in my mail client with a number beside it. I would like to mark it as read and not have to deal with it any more.

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This would be very useful for me as well. I receive a lot of email and need to prioritize what I receive. Some email I want to receive, but don't want to waste time marking them as "read" just to move to the next important message.

For those using Exim with Maildir, this seems like a possibility:


Can't believe this isn't an option! Very much want this message action as well, for all email filters in cPanel!


I am eager for this option to be implemented ASAP.

Is there any update to this please?


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