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Email Queue Threshold Notification

CH shared this idea 8 years ago
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There are many cases where the server was overloaded due to an email account was being hacked and used to send spam emails. This can actually be prevented if we are able to set an email queue threshold limit and be notified when it is reached. The administrator can have a look at the system when this happen, before the queue is in the hundred of thousands.

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How do you see this alert being configured? Would you imagine this being configurable in the WHM Contact Manager?


I would see it as a tweak setting something like : email the administrator if mail queue gets larger than xx e-mails

It might be a good idea if this e-mail could somehow skip the queue so that it doesn't have to wait for all the other e-mails to be sent.

You have a similar warining when the CPU load is too high or the disk space is running low. The same for the e-mail queue would be nice, but it would defenetly need to be configurable.

We use a smarthost for sending our e-mail so this could also be a way of warning us that both or our smarthost smtp servers are inaccessible.

But the e-mail route would need to be configurable so it doesn't go through the whole mail queue, maybe be able to set an exernal SMTP server ?


I would see this as a server configuration, so it could be in Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> Mail tab. There are already some email related settings there.

monarobase's idea is good, this notification should bypass normal queue priority, but this might increase the complexity for this feature to be implemented.

Even if this notification email goes into normal email queue priority I think it will still work, lets say we set it to notify at 500 (depending on your email load), the email should slot in at 500 even if the queue does end up in thousands so at least there's an indication before it gets any worse.


Would the addition of a notification to the current email limit feature suffice?

Are you using the email limit feature?

Note: to my knowledge there is no way to "slot" a new message at a specific spot in the mail queue.


We already have e-mail notification with CSF so we know when a user sends more than X e-mails.

Monitoring the e-mail queue size would allow us to be warned if a user got around the e-mail limit or if there was an issue preventing e-mail from being sent.

Being able to specify an optional external smtp server and having the script connect directy to the server would allow us to be warned even when the server is not able to send e-mail anymore (supplier blocking port 25 or a bad firewall setting).

It wouldn't be that difficult to set up a cron to check the status then connect using perl or php to an external SMTP server if the queue is too long.

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