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Email Quota Size restriction by Administrator

Baiju Mathew shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like WHM to prevent a reseller from adjusting their mail quota beyond the limit set by root so that resellers are not able to allocate more resources than they are designated.


We have found some drawbacks in Email Quota. Even if administrator set a quota of 5 GB per email account, resellers can override this and set as unlimited or higher quota limits.

1. Administrator should be given the provision to set a default mailbox quota in each Reseller Packages.

2. Resellers should only be allowed to set the email box quota below the quota set by administrator in his packages.

Also if we can take a report of list of email accounts showing email quota and used quota, it will be very useful for administrators to restrict overloading resources. Currently we need to go to each domain cpanel and email accounts to check this.

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