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"Email subaddresses", or "plus adressing" also on email **alias**

Markif shared this idea 6 years ago

As a server administrator I would like cPanel to expand email sub-addressing to email aliases, allowing me to define sub-addresses on email aliases that would then deliver to folders on the forwarded address. For example:


is an alias of


should deliver to

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This update is included in cPanel & WHM Version 78, which has now reached the CURRENT tier! Take a look at the overview of all features for Version 78 on the Release Site and see the full release notes on our documentation site.


One quick adjustment to this update: The feature is not included as described here. The current implementation instead delivers mail for to Since that's not what was asked for, I've taken this out of completed and moved it back to open discussion. If you have any questions, let me know!


In fact delivering to is a better solution as delivering to

Delivering directly in the is also how works gmail with the "plus addressing".

It also avoid that a malicious sender could create on the fly lots of IMAP folders just by sending mail to a mailbox !

If needed to store in an IMAP folder the user can always create a filter rule.

So I think that delivering to

is OK, if the "plus addressing" for real mailboxes works also works on the same way, so should go to

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