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Email subscription list

Chris shared this idea 8 years ago

Automation for handling subscription list for email account in cpanel.

What I would like to have is:- client sends email in specific form e.g.[ADD]USER_NAME[EMAIL]EMAIL@ADDRESS.KK- server automatically responds with pre selected message (best would be from different address as server then adds user to a specific list- if needed I can send email for every user from that list - and best would be to have a common list that I every email send to it will be propagated to all members.

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Thanks for the valuable information.

However I do not see such software at my cpanel. I do have cpanel version 11.42.0 (build 20) but I have started renting my domain year ago.

Is it possible that this software need to be somehow activated by the distributor?


Based on your screenshot, Mailman (the mailing list software) is not enabled for your account. You are correct that the owner of the server you're utilizing would have full control on what features to offer and what features to disable for their customers (such as yourself). You'll want to contact your hosting provider and ask them about whether or not they will enable the Mailing List/Mailman feature for you. Mailman has been a feature of cPanel for many, many years. It is not a recent addition.


Ok I will follow your advice.

Thank you very much.

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