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Enable SNI SSL on all domains

anton_latvia shared this idea 3 years ago
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As system adminstrator and web-hosting provider, I would like to be able to enable SNI SSL certificates on all domains on the server.

Just today we had a support-ticket, which discovered us, that if a domain (in our case - subdomain) does not have any emails - then SNI SSL for Dovecot won't be enabled even though SSL certificate exists on the server. Support team created 1 email account and everything started to work.

We have seen often that people try to connect to their mailbox through a subdomain, while their webmail is hosted elsewhere and often they were having issues, which lead to many similar questions.

Support team explained, that this is done to save up memory. We would like to be able to use more memory and allow SNI SSL on all domains, where certificates exist.

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SNI is somewhat like mailing a package to an apartment building instead of to a house. When mailing something to someone's house, the street address alone is enough to get the package to the right person. But when a package goes to an apartment building, it needs the apartment number in addition to the street address; otherwise, the package might not go to the right person or might not be delivered at all.

Many web servers are more like apartment buildings than houses: They host several domain names, and so the IP address alone is not enough to indicate which domain a user is trying to reach. This can result in the server showing the wrong SSL certificate, which prevents or terminates an HTTPS connection – just like a package can't be delivered to an address if the correct person doesn't sign for it.

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