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Enable Spam Box by default for all domains if SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam is enabled.

John Chan shared this idea 9 years ago
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If the Enable SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam is On, the Spam Box delivery option for all domains should be default On as well, or at least add one more option for the super admin to force enable Spam Box delivery feature for all domains.

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Anyone know a quick fix for this for now?


I think this is a dreadful idea in it's current format - what is proposed could impact all domains on a server.

Since we already have the Enable Apache SpamAssassin™ Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam (user configurable) switch;

A far more logical, and less intrusive, option might be to have something like a conditional Tweak setting based on the above:

Deliver spam to SpamBox for newly created accounts (if SpamBox is enabled for domain)

I think that any global feature or switch that impacts existing accounts should be avoided at all costs.

An alternative might be to group the Enable SpamBox and the Deliver to SpamBox into one user controlled option in their cPanel, with perhaps a Tweak Settings option to enable them on newly created accounts

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