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enhance scanning facilities

feanor shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like to see more robust scanning software (i.e. ClamAV, CXS, Maldet, rkhunter, internal 'best practices' analyses) offered to the cPanel end-user by default as this is serious value add for endusers' peace of mind and moreover, the preventative measures should swiftly cut down on compromises and related (expensive) support sagas.


Because security is paramount-I think perhaps it could be time to provide more robust scanning devices to the cPanel end-user, I have increasing confidence that people could handle it with proper language, support, all the verbosity and assistance built into the tool, of course.

There are a variety of components to leverage at the outset, cxs, clam, maldet, rkhunter, likely a handful of other decent to great things, I hope we can start a discussion about a reasonable approach so that users could be more able to protect themselves, and their sites & businesses.

Moreover, you could common sense sanity checks to the scanning of a webroot- pinpoint a symlink hive (dormant or not), ancient and unsafe file permissions, tarballs of rootkits sitting around, and terribly vulnerable installs of wordpress, joomla, the top offenders.

Plenty and more would need to be discussed and plenty more written so it doesn't evolve into a support nightmare for admins. If it escalates into solely a frequent tasklist for flagged items for admins within WHM it could be pretty gross, or great, depending on the administrator. Educating the hosting end-user is key and could definitely be accomplished so that the response to such a tool is positive for every party involved. Should be chill, could, be chill.

I would appreciate any additional discussion on this.

Thoughts, feelings, suggestions.. please, 'n thx.

Many thanks for your time.

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