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Enhance UX - List Accounts view

Laila333 shared this idea 3 years ago
Need More Information

As a cPanel user, I would like the ability to add view the List Accounts tab as a spreadsheet for the purpose of manipulating how it’s viewed.

This includes being able to add color to rows and text to differentiate them, additionally adding notes to the column and fields to label the individual server line items,

so that the labeling information enables a person to change the use of the List Accounts tab to function as a marketing or use case dashboard


Enhance UX for the List Accounts view. To be able to treat the dashboard view as a .xls. spreadsheet for manipulating the views. To “add columns” which enable 1. Sorting; 2. Notes; 3. add “colour” to the rows and to text for further coding.

If this is already available - would someone please point me to the information

This is the Problem I am aiming to solve.

I am a Marketer [not an IT/SW practitioner].

I have Dyslexia & Dyscalculia. This means I can't read /pick-up spelling issues without labouring over things. I can't recognise numbers easily, they transpose and disappear. So over the years, I have worked out cheats e.g. indexing things using hierarchical schemas etc, to manage information. I am currently managing content on 30plus websites hosted on a server at Beyond Hosting using WHM/Cpanel. In the List Accounts view, these websites are listed alphabetically, which is not intuitive to me for working with them.

What I am aiming to achieve.

Add columns to the These columns are not intended to change any of the configuration settings etc.

Example line #1.

freeform text field add number 101 | existing field | freeform text field 2/1/19 Note about this domain; 1/1/19Note about this domain;

Example line #2. freeform text field add number 102 | existing field | freeform text field 8/1/19 Note about this domain; 1/1/19Note about this domain;

The columns are purely for sorting and grouping the line items (websites) into manageable groups and add labels and annotate with information, colouring the text with multiple colours, and being able to sort the text in the note field by date, or a keyword search e.g.'translated'. This to enable me to easily recognise the information at a glance.

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