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Exclude files or directories from backup, depending on the type of backup (daily, weekly, monthly)

dkTronicsCL shared this idea 4 years ago
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It would be nice to have to exclude specific files or file folders for each type of backup (waily, weekly, monthly) configuration.

Maybe something like:

  1. cpbackup-exclude-daily.conf
  2. cpbackup-exclude-weekly.conf
  3. cpbackup-exclude-monthly.conf

In my case, I need backup mail folders only in weekly and monthly cpbackups for some accounts.

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Please cPanel team, apply this feature ASAP.

It is a small change but with great benefits. Backing up email messages every day causes the backup to take too long, but it could be done weekly and monthly. Currently, email messages are backed up and take too long causing a high load on the server, or emails are not backed up with the risk of losing messages from clients.


4 years ago. It is exactly what many of us need if we want to backup messages only weekly or monthly and not every day. Please cPanel, it doesn't sound complicated or time consuming to make this setting.

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