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Expand the API to provide a function to toggle a domain's "userdirprotect" preference.

cPTrevor shared this idea 7 years ago
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At the moment, WHM API 1 provides a function to check a variety of userdata settings from the command line that's pretty useful ( )

However, each of the individual settings must be changed in their own various ways, and there's not one modify-domainuserdata API function to complement this one.

While a generalized function would be useful (and can hopefully be considered in time!), we recently wanted to update the "userdirprotect" value from the API so users could have only temporary access to those links, but found it requires modifying the files manually, rebuilding Apache's configuration, and restarting the service to take effect:

Please consider expanding the API to enable a cPanel provided way to modify our userdirprotect settings.

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