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Feature manager - add link to documentation by each item

a289 shared this idea 8 years ago

In WHM, when editing a package's features using Feature Manager, some items aren't clear what they are as they don't show in the cPanel interface. It'd be nice if by each item, there was a link to read the documentation on that item. For example, what is "Entropy banner" or "Random HTML Generator" =). Of course we can ask support if a quick Google search doesn't turn it up, but it seems like this would make sense to have.

Update: I found an overview page at It seems like it'd make sense to link to this from the editing page.

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We're preparing to implement this as a part of a greater Feature Manager incremental update. If you'd like a preview of that update, it should be available in EDGE (11.51) as of a few days ago. Please do play with it and let me know what you think.

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