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Ability to Add Custom Logo Per Custom Paper Lantern Style

PCZero shared this idea 6 years ago
Open Discussion

I see no way to have a custom header logo for each individual PL style.

In the X3 theme, the capability was present to set the hear logo each

style style. So that if I were to create (for example) six custom

styles with different color schemes, I could have a header logo designed

for each color scheme. In PL there is no way to do this, I can only

have ONE custom logo and its colors would have to blend well with every theme I make.

mod note: fixed typo

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Please advise what the development teams thought process is on this.


This is currently achievable by shipping the replacement logo in your style and providing the CSS rule to override the default logo image. Not as easy as uploading a logo directly to a style like your asking for, but certainly doable right now with current tech.


NO IT ISN'T (AFAIK)! You can have ONE custom logo that has to apply to ALL your custom skins. I want to be able to use a different logo fir each skin. I use a handful of different skins with very much different color schemes. In X3 I can make a 100% separate logo for each skin that matches the color scheme of hat skin. This is what I am trying to do. If there is a way to do this please advise in detail.


Is there any further feedback on this? Can we get a status update please?

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