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Fix nomenclature use and associated GUI use of the words domain, subdomain, alias and addon domains.

jeffs chips shared this idea 23 months ago
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As a cPanel User, I would like for the nomenclature labels in cPanel for manipulating domain entries to be made more consistent with the terms per their literal definitions so that it will be more clearly communicated and therefore save time and effort when mapping domains, subdomains, aliases, and add-on domains. Without the clarity, it is confusing for an administrator to sift through the hodgepodge of entries in the Domain's-only GUI section, as opposed to the GUI's for subdomains, aliases and add-on domains, whose content is consistent with their section titles.


The definition of nomenclature is: "the devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline".

How does that apply to Cpanel GUI?

Cpanel GUI has the following links under the Domains section:

Subdomains, Domains, Addon Domains and Aliases.

Yet when an administrator is administering say, Domains and they click on the Domains link they are greeted with everything thrown into the bucket: subdomains, aliases, addon domains and domains on one web page. Now, however, if an administrator clicks on any of the other links, they are only presented with those elements: subdomains if clicking on subdomains, Aliases if clicking on Aliases, Addon domains if clicking on addon domains.

It was endlessly confusing and time-consuming for me to shift out of the Domains page listing why it contained not only registered domains, but also subdomains and addon domains and aliases. This is not insignificant when working with many domains which also have sub-domains, aliases and addon domains. And it doesn't follow the nomenclature used for the other elements, i.e., aliases, subdomains and addon domains.

I would suggest at a minimum renaming the Domains link in the Cpanel gui "All Domains" or stripping away everything but registered top-level domains from the results that are shown to an administrator when clicking on the Domains link, limiting the results to only top-level domains as the others are nicely tucked away where they belong elsewhere..

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