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From email address. Use cpanel@hostname for server notifications

PbG shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the FROM address on server notifications truncated to $user@hostname as the current return address is unnecessarily long.


Recently the from field on some if not all server notifications has gone from a simple xxxxx@hostname to this long convoluted return email address that is unnecessarily long Eg: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__rbcy8dqocg7mxhrc@ns11.hostname I propose truncating/shortening for a better field/format fit.

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Could we change the from email account for cPanel Monitoring Emails ?

Right now It comes from addresses like this pattern: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__rbcy8dqocg7mxhrc@ns11.hostname, Could we change it to simpler address like cpanel@hostname ? in order to could pattern and match the messages in our mail clients rules.

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