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Full remote backup support with rsync

Daniel Stan shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a system administrator, I would like full rsync remote backup support without the need of saving the files first to a local location on the server due to high amount of resources required.


Some of the nowdays storages/clusters use replicated on BLOCK DEVICES as storages so, copying the entire accounts on a local location and then transferring them to the remote destination is not ok.

As many of the storages require manually fstrimming to tell the block devices that space is free, which do a lot of workload inside the cloud/cluster/storage.

That being said we would like the backup system to just transfer the accounts as they are from /home and stop copying them again locally before transferring and removing afterwards.

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Oh yeah, love this one. Save the power for the hosting servers and keep the back ups off server. Awesome!

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