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Generate and install a self signed ssl cert for each virtualhost that doesn't have one.

Monarobase shared this idea 7 years ago

We would like to have an option to automatically generate a self signed cert for each new virtualhost that is created.

Now that SNI is widely supported SSL should be enabled by default. If a customer doesn't buy a SSL cert he should have an automatically generated self-signed cert so that he can connect to his website admin etc without having to generate it himself.

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While this isn't a self-signed SSL, v58 comes with a feature called AutoSSL which will generate and install a signed SSL certificate. In the opinion of the people interested in this request, does that solve this request?


I'm going to go ahead and mark this as completed. If you feel like AutoSSL doesn't resolve this request, definitely let me know!


This is also resolved in version 62:

All websites receive an SSL certificate

Any website created in cPanel & WHM now receives an SSL certificate. A self-signed certificate is added if no other SSL certificates are available.

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