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Give server admins a way to turn off spam ads

PCZero shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the ability to disable WHM advertisements with a toggle so that I can hide advertisements I am not interested in.


In WHM - HOME - SECURITY CENTER - SECURITY ADVISOR if you have ImunifyAV installed, you get a SPAM ad at the top of the scan results that try to sell you ImunifyAV+ at $6 a month. It is there forever and there is no way to say no thanks do not show me this SPAM again.

That is NOT information, it is SPAM. In Security Advisor I should ONLY be shown true security risks that I should / need to address. I should NOT be show SPAM. Give me some sort of "do not show me this SPAM ad again" flag so that I can disable an ad that I am not interested in. A reputable company does not support nor does not condone SPAM. No matter how you cut it, repeatedly showing me an advertisement that I have not requested information about is SPAM. Please stop SPAMMING WHM users.

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