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Global domain autoresponder

Karol Skórski shared this idea 10 years ago
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This would be very usefull if admin could set autoresponder once for every user on (whole domain autoresponder).

Application for e.g. bank holidays in the country when everyone is out of office during day or couple days.

If this option is available on cPanel then you will able to plan all bank holidays/autoresponders on those days ealier (scheduler is available now).

This would be a great thing!

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I'd also like this. Making autoresponders one by one when you have hundreds of addresses on a particular domain is incredibly tedious.


This would be really helpful!!

Each Christmas season we face the same nightmare of having to set individual messages for hundreds of email accounts on several domains!!


As a business owner it seems strange this is not an active feature. Is it such a difficult thing to achieve? This is an added value item which would make me leave my current email provider if I found another service that had it.

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