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Global Email Spammer List in WHM

pointaction shared this idea 3 years ago
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You have now blocking domains in WHM.

Now it would be nice to add spammer emails globally something like Filter Incoming Emails by Domain in WHM but for email addresses.

Box and Trapper, Spam Assassin and global and user filers can be time consuming.

Just on one of my personal email addresses that I have had for like 15 plus years which I do not signup on email lists or any nature like it and I get about 1,000 plus spam emails per day until I took the time and spent hours creating a global spam filter in cPanel on that domain.

I spend like a 1 to 2 hours per day adding new ones to the list because I have to do 1 email address at a time in a specific way for the filters to really work properly.

It would be nice to have a very simple way to copy and paste all emails from say note pad in to a box and click on a submit button and have server do the rest like Filter Incoming Emails by Domain in WHM.

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