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Globally turn on spamassassin but allow WHM user to disable on a per account basis

Jcats shared this idea 9 years ago
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Support Request Id 4368425

The scenario we are facing is, some customers do not want to have the ***SPAM*** tag added to the subject of their emails as some of the emails are not actually spam. They want the spam emails to go into spam box but just not have the SPAM tag in case they are not spam. We could implement this but only if we do not globally turn on SA which we need to do.

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I would also like to turn on spamassassin on account creation but allow the user to disable it if he wants to.


monarobase: This is possible right now indirectly through the skeleton dir.

Throw a touch file in the skeleton dir:

touch /root/cpanel3-skel/.spamassassinenable

Now every account generated will have the necessary touch file to indicate that SpamAssassin is enabled (of course SpamAssassin must be enabled at the server level in Tweak Settings for this to work).

This would function for both new accounts and restored/transferred accounts to that server.

This answer is not intended to replace or nullify this feature request, but to just try and offer a helpful tidbit that may give you something you want in the interim that mimics that behavior.

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