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Google Cloud DNS integration

wintech2003 shared this idea 9 years ago
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Google recently announced Google Cloud DNS ( It would be great if it would be possible to add Google Cloud DNS support like VPS.NET/Softlayer in DNS clustering.

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This can easily be coded if cPanel provided the proper hook. Instead of integrating Google DNS, a dns zone modification hook would allow us to integrate any third party dns service.

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Yes, I'm interested. Including Google Cloud DNS in the DNS cluster it's a good way to provide a Anycast DNS service.


Ya I mean why stop at Google Cloud? DigitalOcean DNS and Cloudflare DNS ... sure we can try third party wonky plugins but who needs to run their own DNS server when they can use all the benefits provided by their cloud vendor over the headache or maintaining at lest two themselves?

So ya theres interest, otherwise folks do what I do and just not integrate them and deal with the problems that might arise from not using cpanels DNS

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