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GZIP / Page Compression Default Setting

Micheal shared this idea 7 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like to be able to define a default setting for website compression, so that compression can be enabled on account creation.

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In think that's a great idea.

We used to have it added manually for the whole server in the Pre Main Include but considering the fact that the odd script is supposed to not work with compression and then have to fiddle around with vhost exclusions that may brake when the Apache version will be updated in the future I think it would great to have the option to just be able to default it to on and just "flip a switch" to turn it off.

Also one question to someone who may know - wouldn't it be better if cPanel would add the code to the vhost file since Apache doesn't have to read the htaccess on every load?


That's a great idea, in fact. One we're sure to consider when we implement the feature. Thank you!

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