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Have the ability to set order of cPanel tabs in WHM for each web package

Tony shared this idea 5 years ago
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It would be nice to set cPanel tab orders in WHM for each web package created. For example, I like to have the 'Files' tab on top, followed by 'Email/Mail' tab, followed by 'Preference', etc.

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This functionality exists in Paper Lantern already. Just click on the header bar of the section and re-arrange them! These are defined on a per-account basis by the user, and stored as a user preference in /home/$user/cpanel/nvdata/xmaingroupsorder

  1. [/home/user/.cpanel/nvdata]# cat xmaingroupsorder
  2. files|databases|domains|metrics|email|security|software|advanced|preferences|soft_div


I apologize, I misread the request. It's not yet available as an option to set that order as part of the account's package, so I've opened this back up for discussion.

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