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Horde notes sync

executive shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like to see Horde notes sync across platforms so that they are more accessible and useful.

Right now, Email, Calendars, Tasks (aka reminders) and Contacts on cPanel enabled servers can all be synchronized between different platforms, and accessed via webmail using clients such as Horde. IMAP Notes is the only exception. I use Notes on my desktop and Android, but I can not edit them via webmail. Horde has a facility for notes, but they are completely isolated and do not sync with anything else. Notes need to be aligned with all the other services, by making them accessible via CPanel.

Using cPanel 64.0.36, and Horde groupware 5.2.14

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Horde development is extremely slow. I probably won't see this in my lifetime. Perhaps Cpanel should look to other solutions?

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