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httpupdate mirror torrent style

El Makong shared this idea 8 years ago
Needs Review

Hi all,

I have trouble updating the server. As its just too slow, but the "hoster" using cPanel as their control panel is rising and i think the update server is just too slow or too far from the "hoster"'s server.

Why dont we make some solution to make our server as "torrent seed". maybe the initial install time is longer. but you are contributing to another "hoster" as their seed. maybe this feature is optional and can be disabled for some "hoster" who doesn't want to spend their network resources as the mirror(for new install and/or update). maybe on the "inside", there is 2 packages. 1 is used as the production host. 1 is vanilla cPanel packages(in form of compressed file maybe?) that we cant directly edit or modify.its kind of "don't touch" we don't need to depend on mirror, but we can choose any server using cPanel near you.

simply said, who own or use cPanel as their web host control panel, and they enable "seed" feature, they will act as httpupdate mirror. no need to be a partner. no need to get slow updates or un-maintained httpupdate mirror. if they didnt have the latest packages, try another mirror(automatically).

maybe this feature will speed up your cPanel server updates.

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Hello El,

We do not plan on using customer boxes as seed servers as we do not want to eat up upstream bandwidth unnecessarily. We are in the RC phase of development for a new FastUpdate system that all cPanel partners will have access to. This will mean a large growth in the number of fastupdate servers and hopefully a faster install for customers.

I do like your idea and have personally advocated for it before. I just don't see it as feasible at this time.

Thank you for your submission!



Hi Travis,

Therefore I said earlier "maybe this feature is optional and can be disabled".

I don't think this feature would be taking so much bandwidth if it was distributed among all cPanel hoster.

Fyi, there is 2 type of internet in Indonesia. International and National. National such as IIX(APJII) network, OIXP(IDC Indonesia). Both IIX and OIXP is connected peer to peer with at least 10 gig fiber connection. as for now, the International network maybe "a little bit slow" as the hoster can use what they need. some hoster just use 1 mibs International network speed, some 100 mibs. And the National network is free. But hey, no http update mirror in Indonesia that even I can use to update.

El Makong

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