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Implement a Comprehensive Load/Process Analysis Tool within WHM (sar+syssnap integration)

cPAlexT shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a service provider, we are often asked to investigate load related issues for servers running cPanel. While cPanel is generally not the cause for load on any given server, it would be nice if WHM had a feature which would help administrators diagnose load related issues.

We would like a sar-like interface within WHM that shows a breakdown of load and RAM usage, similar to how the CLI variant would display it. Each time stamp would be clickable, bringing you to a page which displays syssnap-generated details for that time range.


  • 'sysstat' would be a required RPM for this feature
  • cPanel would need to ship syssnap ( ). Likely via RPM. SysSnap would need to be a monitored service.
  • Interface with sar-like output displayed in a table. "sar" and "sar -r" outputs (perhaps tabulated)
  • Time stamps are clickable, which brings you to a page which displays SysSnap data for that time frame (Top processes, users, and other syssnap-collected data)
  • Time frames for both the 'sar' page and SysSnap page should be configurable


  • 'sar' data display should be colorized, with a range from Green to Red, red being the highest (worst) relative value, green being the lowest (best) relative value.
  • Incorporate additional data collection, such as 'mysqladmin processlist'
  • Display sar and syssnap data graphically in a meaningful way. Line graphs and pie charts where intuitively appropriate.

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