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Implement "chosen" select filter in DNS Zone Editor

Marcelo Pedra shared this idea 5 years ago
Open Discussion

I, as a sysadmin who deal with hundreds of domains in every server, would love a DNS Zone Editor filter that allow me to find domains by typing a part of their name, in the same way as it works in cPanel's Paper Lantern to select accounts, or even in the MultiPHP UI.


The DNS Zone Editor filter is using yui autocomplete, which is not cool if you don't remind how the name of account start with.

The Paper Lantern theme it appears to be using the "chosen" library ( and searching for accounts is a breeze and a pleasure.

And the domain filter in MultiPHP UI is using another filter method that could be very cool to see in the DNS Zone Editor since it also allows you to type part of a name and filter the list in real time.

Don't even need to consolidate filter methods or UI styles. Just implement a cool filtering method for ease of use. I, personally, use the DNS Zone Editor in almost daily basis because we have migrations to our servers almost every day or two. Thus I can tell for sure, that UI is not 100% friendly.

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