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Improve available remote destination options for cPanel account Backup feature

jcwacky shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the additional options of backup methods such as FTPEPS and SFTP/SCP (with key authentication) in addition to the existing remote server options in cPanel so that an end-user has more secure remote destination backup choices, which are compatible with a wider range of external providers.


Currently, the cPanel account backup feature (cPanel > Backup, not the WHM all account backup options) allows you to save the backup to your home directory, or send it to a remote server.

However, the available remote server options are very limited:

  • Remote FTP Server
  • Remote FTP Server (passive mode transfer)
  • Secure Copy (SCP) - Password authentication only.

Respectable hosting companies often limit the available connection methods of their servers to secure methods, such as:

  • FTPES (FTP with Explicit TLS)
  • SFTP/SCP (Key authentication only)

With neither of these methods currently available to the cPanel backup tool, this makes it impossible to use the remote destination feature with some web hosts.

Please consider improving the available remote destination options by adding secure connection methods, such as those listed above.

Or, at a bare minimum update the existing Secure Copy (SCP) method to support key authentication.

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Reseller hosts are now starting to disable SCP on their servers due to lack of PCI Compliance, and with FTP often also disabled, this means there are now no usable remote backup options in cPanel.

To resolve this, please add a "Remote SFTP" backup option (which doesn't use SCP).

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