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Improve Mail Limiting Features - Failed or deferred messages

santrix shared this idea 9 years ago
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As of 11.40 the "Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages a domain may send per hour" feature causes a great deal of false positives due to the use of greylisting by many mail systems.

It would be far more helpful if only messages that received a hard failure messages (5xx) were counted towards the limit - otherwise this feature is pretty unusable.

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Deferred ones count towards the hourly limit that one domain can send?

I can uderstand why counting failed ones is ok, but cannot see why deferred ones should be counted. Aren't those deferred ones staying into the mail queue rather than hitting the mail folder of the account? It's clear that deferred emails are consuming "SMTP time" and thinking further and deeply... I think it only could be a practical setting to detect bulk spam being sent to unknown email accounts in servers that not always reply with a 5xx/4xx or if your server keep trying for serveral hours/days until giving up.

May cPanel add a new tickbox to allow deciding server owners if they also want to count deferred emails or not towards hourly limit?


I agree. Defers can suggest spam being sent as well, but with greylisting the limit needs to be st higher. The best implementation would be if these options were decoupled.

1 settings for max defers and a separate setting for max failures.

I just encountered this when we migrated an account to a new server. The new IP is basically getting greylisted everywhere and 1 customer sends a legitimate bulk message to 30 people and the limit we set is reached. Therefore, we are forced to temporarily work around this issue by setting these values to be absurdly high and therefore in essence removing the protection this feature provides.

If the settings were separate options, we would always keep the defer setting much higher while retaining the lower default setting of 5 for FAILURES.

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