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Improve pending cases number visibility

Manuel Sousa shared this idea 7 years ago

When we open a ticket with CPanel which needs analysis / implementation by developers it's usually assigned a case number.

The customer is then sugested to keep tabs on the changelog to see if/when it is eventually solved. Since the case numbers sometimes take a long time to solve sometimes they become forgotten. There's nothing worse than being kept in the dark, specially when we develop a workaround that might be broken by a proper fix.

Not only this but some other people might face the same issue and the ticket/case already offers one workaround.

I'd like to suggest that, except for security issues, cpanel offered visibility on the case numbers, workaround for the issues when available and a watch mechanism such as the feature requests have (and github/...).

This visibility should also include further information such as fix date schedule when available, ... again as bugtraq, github, ...

Customers having the same issue might even provide valuable information to Cpanel and Cpanel staff might be relieved of repeated work if the customers are empowered this way.


Manuel Sousa

Replies (2)


We find that the current system satisfies our needs.


Sorry to hear that because, as a client, it's really hard to know when items submitted have been fixed or not. This is particularly bothersome when we develop workaround that, when a proper fix is released, cause further issues or duplicates behavior.

Contrasting with the feature requests, these work much better as we are notified when things are solved, discarded and when other people find workarounds. Overall we have much better experience this way.


The current method gives our development teams higher quality information compared to other methods of communication. Our ticket system is supposed to be notifying customers when an issue they report is fixed. It appears that is not working as well as it should.


That would be better than my current experience. It lacks some openness for others to inquiry already existing workaround but from the point of view of the submitter it solves the most important need which is being notified of a fix.

However, from my experience, when something goes to development the ticket is closed and we're given an internal case number which we should watch for at release logs.

What you mention was the biggest reason for me to open this feature request, after inquiring how I should make the suggestion.


Re-opening since fix notification is apparently not working right now. Ideally customers should be notified of the following events:

1. Case is fixed (i.e. in a build, tested by QA)

2. Case is in a production build/release

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