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Improve SpamAssassin Whitelist/Blacklist UI

Peter Agoos shared this idea 3 years ago
Open Discussion

As a cPanel User, I would like to see more robust options to configure and sort whitelist/blacklists so that SpamAssassin’s UI is easier to manage and navigate.


A minor tweak to improve usability: Currently, when you select WHITELIST or BLACKLIST after clicking the ADDITIONAL CONFIGURATIONS option in the SPAM FILTERS panel, both of these lists display with the oldest entries at the top, rather than the newest. The result is that, if you have many entries (as I do) you have to endlessly scroll down to make a new entry.PLEASE revise the interface so that the list has the newest at the top, and place the three clickable buttons at the top (+Add A New “whitelist_from” Item / Update Whitelist (whitelist_from) / Return to “Overview”).(Additionally, as there may be users who prefer oldest at the top, a selectable up-down listing option could be included.)

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