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Improve Tweak Settings tabbed menu UI on mobile with touch/slide

The Old Man shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the interface in Home> Server> Tweak Settings to be made touch-screen friendly so that users on tablets can more easily scroll right/left to navigate forward and backward through the options, as the current interface requires an extraordinary number of screen taps in a very small area and only moves the tabbed menu sideways a tiny amount.


Please could you consider improving the user experience for mobile touch-enabled devices such as iPad located here:

Home > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings

Whilst there is a search facility and view all option, the top menu here (All, Compression, CPaddons Site Software... etc) when using a mobile device such as an iPad, requires an extraordinarily number of screen taps on the small scroll right/left buttons in order to navigate forwards and backwards through the menu tabs. Each tap only scrolls the tabbed menu sideways a tiny amount.

Please, could you improve this in terms of end-user experience and accessibility by either adding a touch compatible scroll or alternative tab menu format such as vertical or slide out?

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I can't believe I just did this but that's insomnia at 0345 for you!

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