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Improved MySQL Process List in WHM

Tcalp shared this idea 7 years ago
Open Discussion

While it's certainly nice to have quick access to the MySQL process list within WHM, this very basic interface hasn't seen a face lift in some time, if ever. It often enough happens that a user has written bad code and has sent MySQL into it's depths processing away for unforeseeable amounts of time. While the current interface makes spotting of this quick work, you then have to jump over to PHPMyAdmin (or SSH, etc) to deal with killing off the rogue process.

With that in mind I'd like to see the following improvements :

(1) add checkbox/option available for full query output/display.

(2) add the ability to kill a MySQL process by clicking on the ID, preferably with some form of confirmation box in case of mis-clicks.

(3) add the ability to kill MySQL process by user and/or database table (an autocomplete type-out perhaps ?).

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